Upcoming Seminars

Whitinger & Company frequently hosts educational seminars on a variety of accounting, tax, and advisory topics.  Below is information about our seminars that contain helpful tips and insights relative to the topic discussed.  Check back often for frequent updates to this resource page as well as to learn of more upcoming Whitinger & Company seminars!

Seminar Topics:

Investing & Taxes:

"Making Them Work Together"

The Investing & Taxes Seminar will be held on Thursday, December 11, 2014 from 8:30am to 10:00am at Whitinger & Company. This seminar will provide helpful insights on how individuals can effectively coordinate their investment and tax management strategies to maximize their overall return. It will be presented by Doug Bales, CLU, Member/Owner of Whitinger Financial Advisors. He has over 25 years of financial advisory and investment management experience.

Participants will be able to take away insights related to:

  • An understanding of how investment strategy and tax management goals effect one another
  • Ideas on how to decide which investments to pursue based on their tax implications
  • An overview of 529 Plans and their benefits and tax impact in terms of saving for college expenses
  • An overview of other investment strategies with attractive tax benefits

Accounting Fraud:
"What to Look for & How to Help Prevent it"

This seminar is for business owners and organizational leaders and will provide helpful advice to monitor and help prevent fraud in the workplace. Executives, board members, and other organizational leaders would benefit most from attending.  

  • Attendees of the Accounting Fraud Seminar can expect to take away insights related to: 
  • The frequency & financial implications of accounting fraud and employee theft 
  • Practical steps to recognize and minimize exposure to fraud 
  • Examples of real-life fraud case studies