An internship with Whitinger & Company will give you real-world experience in the public accounting profession. You will have similar responsibilities to those of full-time first-year staff accountants and the same opportunities to work with Whitinger partners and other staff professionals. You will be exposed to a variety of business and individuals and work on real client projects.

An internship is an opportunity for you to get an inside look at Whitinger & Company and to experience the field of public accounting first hand. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know you.  More than half of our interns are offered full-time positions after graduation.


Accounting & Tax Internships

You will need to be able to perform the following activities during your Internship:
  • Assist with the preparation of individual and business tax returns
  • Provide assistance with consulting engagements
  • Assist with the preparation of audits
  • Prepare and update depreciation schedules
  • Set up work papers
  • Perform basic computations/compilations related to the audit and review process

Intern Testimonials:

"The best thing about an internship with Whitinger & Company was the opportunity to get big time experience in a smaller setting. I can’t imagine a more diverse experience in a big firm."

"I honestly learned more in the last three months, from a practical standpoint, than in four years in college! It was eye-opening for me to have hands-on experience like I did at Whitinger & Company."

"It was nice to intern with a firm where you could directly interact with the partners. Many other firms don’t allow that kind of access. The big things that came out of it for me were the camaraderie and that the internship lead to a job, and a career path!"

Intern Details:


Internships are designed for college juniors and seniors majoring in accounting with a 3.0 grade point average or better. Internships are also available for graduate level students pursuing advanced degrees. At a minimum, you should have completed all of the basic courses required for your major and beginning your advanced courses. You are not limited to a single internship. If your college schedule and graduation plan allow for multiple semesters off campus, you may apply for another Whitinger internship after successfully completing the first one.

What to Expect

As an intern, you will likely work for Whitinger & Company during the spring semester. Some interns work part time while also taking classes but most devote full time to the internship. Requirements for internships vary from school to school and opportunities depend on the needs of Whitinger & Company at the time.

Training & Mentor Program

You will receive training in your first week as an intern and throughout your internship on the operating procedures of the firm as well as specific training on the skills needed to confidently perform the tasks assigned during your time with the firm. Our mentor program is designed for and available to all interns of Whitinger & Company LLC. Your mentor is someone that you, a) can feel comfortable with as a confidante, b) can approach with questions regarding the processes and procedures that Whitinger practices and c) can go to to find the tools available through Whitinger & Company to accomplish your goals. The relationship should also aid in your growth and development as an accountant, not only with Whitinger & Company but within the profession overall.

Compensation & Resources

As a full-time intern with Whitinger & Company, you will receive competitive hourly compensation plus any overtime worked will be paid at time and one-half rates. Whitinger will provide you with an individual workstation, laptop computer, dual monitors, and all the software and equipment needed to complete your work.

When to Apply

Internships at Whitinger & Company typically fill up very quickly. You should apply approximately 3-6 months prior to the start of the semester in which you plan to participate in your internship.

How to Apply

If you are interested in a full-time internship with our firm we invite you to apply on our website at Only candidates who have completed an application through our website will be considered. If you have any questions email us at