Whitinger & Company Senior Accountant Selected for YPLA

Whitinger & Company Senior Accountant Selected for YPLA September 23, 2020

Whitinger & Company Senior Accountant Caitlyn Creech has been selected for the Indiana CPA Society Young Pros Leadership Academy (YPLA) for 2020-2022.

The Young Pros Leadership Academy (YPLA) is a 2-year program for INCPAS members 30 years old and younger. YPLA focuses on helping young professionals in the accounting industry develop their leadership skills, understand larger aspects of the CPA profession, and serve as advocates promoting the profession and Society to their peers.

Through YPLA, members commit about 40 hours of their time per year to Center of Excellence online coursework, several one-day meetings, and participation in a book club. Skills learned throughout the program have helped members get promotions, new jobs, and reignite their passion for the profession.

“Being a member of INCPAS has already provided me with many resources as an accountant, and I am excited to be selected for their Young Pros Leadership Academy,” stated Creech. “I look forward to my journey of learning over the next two years and gaining a better understanding of my profession while also enhancing my leadership skills.”